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What is video blogging? How to create your own blog

Video blogging is becoming more and more popular on the internet. Once you have purchased your camcorder you may want to consider starting your own video blog .

What is video blogging?

Video blogging or vlogging is when you create a video and post it on the internet in an attempt to get feedback from the viewers.

What tools are needed to create a video blog?

Your own video blog is all you need, a camcorder and a computer with video editing software installed on it . Popular video editing programs for vloggers are iMovie and Final Cut Pro. This allows you to edit the final video of something you are proud of; You can crop the wrong or accident and include whatever you want.

Once you have created your vlog through a video editing program, you need to find a site to host it so that you can access the internet (preferably high speed) with your vlog world and upload your final vlog.

What do I do about a Vlog?

There are no real rules for vlogging. You can make a vlog about what you want. The important thing is you pick a topic that you are almost passionate about and pick a vlog not just a vlog with only one episode.

Create your own Vlog

Video blogging is becoming more and more popular on the internet. Once you have purchased your camcorder you should start your own video blog, like the yoga mom in the picture shown here.

Where do I post my Vlog?

Most people easily create a YouTube account and have their own channel to post vlogs . Others create a full, separate website. YouTube is the easiest way to quickly pick up viewers; It’s hard to work with a separate website and gather traffic for your time to do your vlogging.

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