Upokul Express Train Schedule & Ticket Price

Upokul Express Train Schedule & Ticket Price

Upokul Express Train Schedule: With a number of luxurious facilities the Upokul Express Intercity train runs between Dhaka-Noakhali. This is the only intercity train that connected Noakhali to Dhaka. 

If you are thinking to make a comfortable and safe journey from Dhaka to Noakhali the Upokul Express is the best option for you. In this article, we are going to describe the Upakul Express train Schedule and ticket prices, and the necessary information. Whether you are a new one of train passenger read the content carefully to know about detailed info.

Upakul Express Intercity Train

Upokul Express is an Intercity train that starts its journey about 3 (three) eras before on 17th January 1986. For the first time, it departs from Kamlapur Railway station and arrives at Noakhali station.

The Intercity train gained fame and popularity within a few days for its fastest speed. Now, this is one of the popular intercity trains of Bangladesh Railway services. 

Upokul Express Train Schedule and Ticket Price

Before making a journey plan, everyone should know about the train schedule. With the exact schedule of upakul express you can make an enjoyable and comfortable journey.

It travels between Dhaka-Noakhali six days a week. Right here, you can discover the Upakul express train schedule with the train number and its off day.

Every day in the week except the off day it departs from Dhaka at 16:00 and arrives at Noakhali station at 22:00. The intercity train takes approximately 6 hours to travel the Dhaka to Noakhali train route. On the return trip, the upakul express departs from noakhali station at 06:30 and arrives at Kamlapur Railway station at 12:30. 

In the chart below, the upokul Express train schedule and off days are inserted. Let’s Check the Schedule with the train code.

Station nameDeparture timeArrival timeOff Day
Dhaka to Noakhali (712)16:0022:00Tue
Noakhali to Dhaka(711)06:3012:30Wed

Upakul Express Substations

While Upokul Express travels between Dhaka-Noakhali, it takes short brakes a number of stations. The intercity train considers an accurate ad perfect time schedule to complete its journey on time. After analyzing the Upokul Express substation time schedule our team has made a list. Let’s have look over the chart below.

Upakul Express Substations with uptime and downtime

Sub StationUp Time (711)Down Time (712)
Maijdee court06:0721:01
Brahman Baria09:2917:29
Bhairab Bazar17:00
Biman Bandar11:0715:47

Upokul Express Ticket Price

Although Upokul express considers the fastest speed with luxurious facilities, it offers tickets at affordable prices. The ticket price of the Upakul Express intercity train differs from seat to seat by its class. There are different types of seat classes on this train. These are Shuvon, Shuvon chair, Snigdha, AC Seat, and AC Berth.

By analyzing the Upokul Express ticket price on the Bangladesh Railway services portal, we included the ticket price list with different classes. Right here you can check the ticket price and select the most comfortable one for you.

Upokul Express Ticket Price-Update

Seat NameTicket Price (with15% Vat)
Shuvon Chair270
First-class Seat360
First Berth450
AC Seat625
Ac Berth935

Final Word

In the entire blog post above, we tried to provide detailed information about the Upokul Express train schedule and ticket price, substations, and facilities. Hopefully, this article has solved out the confusion and queries about the Upokul Express intercity train.

If there are any queries left about the Upokul Express train schedule, leave the question in the comment section below. Our team will try to give you the best solution for you as early as they can.

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