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Tips for using a smartphone camera at Universal Studios

If you are planning an attraction at Universal Studios theme parks, you will quickly learn that your large DSLR camera bag is not allowed on many rides. You will be forced to place the bag in a locker before you can get in line for the attraction. Universal Studios lets you use the free locker while waiting in line, but it can still take a few minutes to hold the bag and save.

So instead of carrying DSLR cameras and related equipment through the theme parks at Universal Studios and in the Universal City Walk area, you may be tempted to use a small camera such as your smartphone camera A smartphone camera will fit comfortably in a pocket or small leg Should not be. And you probably carry your smartphone probably all day, so using the smartphone’s camera you won’t need to carry extra gear through the heat parking in the summer.

Use these tips to understand the best way to use your smartphone camera at Universal Studios in Orlando!

Restrictions on photos and videos

To create a line about photography and video recording, check the set of rules posted in the area where you are going to write the journey before inserting an attraction before your smartphone’s camera captures the video or photos. Some sides of Universal Studios go fast with sudden stops, twists and modes and the cell phone can easily slip out of your hand. Like some side of Harry Potter’s Dragon Challenge Roller Coaster from Vijingsi World, it is recommended to move your smartphone instead of keeping it in one pocket, as the opposite is happening several times on this ride.


Of course, the most popular reason to use a smartphone camera in Universal Studios theme parks involves sharing images on social networks, taking selfies. If you’re traveling with a large group of people, shooting selfies can be challenging, because the frames can be hard to fit everyone (if you have freakishly long arms). Then you have to deal with adults , trying to avoid being bumped up or enduring a photo bomb.

Using selfie sticks

One of the more popular items I had during a recent trip to Universal Studios was the number of unique sticks in use. As mentioned above, because it is suitable for everyone in individual images, including placing a park icon in the background, a unique stick can provide the angle that you need. Some selfie sticks (which are basically monopods) allow you to fully control the smartphone camera from the handle of the stick, which is a nice feature. Keep in mind that individual sticks cannot be used in rides and attractions at Universal Studios.

Character photo

While walking inside the Universal Studio base, you’ll have several opportunities to shoot photos with characters, such as the Springfield USA Simpsons characters. Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to shoot a picture of your children with your favorite characters. And using your smartphone, you can easily share photos with your social networks, let your friends and family enjoy the photos too.

Smartphone camera negative

If you prefer to rely on a smartphone camera alone during your travels to Orlando and Universal Studios, you have to show some frustration. You won’t have an optical zoom lens available, and you probably won’t be able to print large in the future. But if you don’t mind those potential problems, your smartphone will definitely be helpful for carrying your only camera in Universal Studios theme parks , especially if you can take part in the side.

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