Sundarban Express Train Schedule and Ticket Prices

Sundarban Express Train Schedule and Ticket Prices

Sundarban Express Train Schedule and Ticket Prices are available here. In addition, its stoppages, train code, facilities, and Dhaka to Khulna train ticket booking processes are included in this article.

So read the content heartily to know the information and enjoy the train journey from Dhaka to Khulna.

Information about Sundarban Express Train

With the latest technologies and luxurious facilities, the Sundarban Express was inaugurated on 17 August 2003. This is one of the most popular intercity trains operated by Bangladesh Railway.

This Intercity train consists of 12 bogies with four different types of seat classes. Besides Shovon Chair rooms there are two AC cabins and AC seats are available on this train. With these four different types of seat classes, it offers luxurious facilities to the passengers.

Sundarban Express Train Schedule and Ticket Prices

As you know the Sundarban Express is an Intercity train that travels from Dhaka to Khulna and Khulna to Dhaka. Before making a tour plan with this train, passengers should know the Sundarban Express Train Schedule and Ticket Prices.

This intercity follows a methodical schedule to provide a continuous journey for the passengers. With the same engine and Bogies, this intercity train runs six days a week.

Right here, you’ll get the accurate and updated Train schedule for Sundarban Express.

Sundarban Express Train schedule from Dhaka to Khulna & Khulna to Dhaka

From the Kamlapur Railway Station, Dhaka it departs at 08:15 am and arrives at Khulna at 05:40 pm. The Sundarban Express takes almost 09 hours and 30 munites to complete the 413 km journey.

On the return journey, The Sundarban Express starts the journey from Khulna at 10:15 pm and arrives at Dhaka at 07:00 am.

Train DestinationDeparture TimeArrival TimeOff Day
Dhaka to Khulna (726)08:15 AM05:40 PMWednesday
Khulna to Dhaka (725)10:15 PM07:00 AMTuesday

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Sundarban Express Train off day

While you are thinking to travel by Sundarban Express train from Dhaka to Khulna, you should check the Sundarban Express Train off day.

As you know, this intercity runs six days a week. It takes a break on Wednesday for Dhaka to Khulna route. On the other side, it takes an off day on Tuesday for Khulna to Dhaka route.

Check the Sundarban Express off-day list.

Train RouteOffday
Dhaka to KhulnaWednesday
Khulna to DhakaTuesday

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Sundarban Express Train Code

Train code is one of the essential info for travel by train. May you know, intercity train changes their train number when it changes their destination. For example, Sundarban Express holds 725 to run from Khulna to Dhaka. On the contrary, it holds 726 to return from Dhaka to Khulna.

Check the Sundarban Express train code list below.

DestinationTrain code
Khulna to Dhaka725
Dhaka to Khulna726

Sundarban Express Train Ticket Prices

Before making a tour plan from Dhaka to Khulna, passengers should be aware of the Dhaka to Khulna Train Ticket Prices-2023. It will make your journey enjoyable for every moment.

There are three different types of seat classes available on this train. These are Shovon_Chair, SNIGDHA, and AC_Berth. The special event especially the two EID events, it contains more seat plans.

Different seat class expense different ticket prices from Dhaka to Khulna. According to the Bangladesh Railway eTicket system. Here, you’ll get the Sundarban Express train ticket prices chart below.

Seat ClassesTicket Prices (15% VAT)

Sundarban Express Train Stoppages

There are a number of stoppages on this Sundar Express train route from Dhaka to Khulna. These are Nowapara, Doulatpur, Joydevpur, Bimanbandor, and so on.

Right here have a look through the Sundarban Express train break-stations chart with up and downtime.

Station NameUp TimeDown Time
M Mansur Ali St.04:0011:21
B.B. East04:4210:45
Biman Bandar06:2508:42

Final Words

In the text above, we’ve tried to discuss the Sundarban Express Train Schedule and Ticket Prices. Moreover, the context covered the intercity train code, break stations, and Dhaka to Khulna train ticket prices.

Hopefully, the article has cleared all of the confusion about this intercity train. Whether it happens that, there’s any query left about Sundarban Express Train Schedule and Ticket Prices., feel free to contact us.

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