Rangpur Express Train Schedule and Ticket Price

Rangpur Express Train Schedule and Ticket Price

Rangpur Express Train Schedule: Rangpur Express is an intercity train that runs regularly between Dhaka to Rangpur. This is the Only intercity for the entire rangpur zone which was initiated by Bangladesh Railways.

On the way between Kamlapur to Rangpur Station train route, The Rangpur Express connects TangailSirajganjPabnaNatoreBogra, and Gaibandha districts. In this article, you are going to get complete information about the Rangpur Express Train Schedule and Ticket Prices.

Rangpur Express Train

Rangpur Express is an intercity train that runs continuously from Dhaka to Rangpur. The intercity was not initiated too long ago. On 20th August 2011 Said Abul Hosen, The minister of Bangladesh Railways inaugurated the luxurious and first intercity train for the rangpur region.

For the first time, the Rangpur Express start its journey from Dhaka to Rangpur Station on the 21st August of 2011. Now it became one of the most popular intercity trains for North Bengal Passengers.

Rangpur Express Train Schedule and Ticket Price

Rangpur Express (771/772) is one the fastest intercity in Bangladesh Railways which runs between Kamlapur station to rangpur station. It offers a safe and reliable journey for passengers from Dhaka to Rangpur.

If you want to make a journey through Rangpur Express, You should the Rangpur Express train Schedule. That will make your journey easier too.

Rangpur Express Train Schedule

The Rangpur Express Train travels from Dhaka to Rangpur train route. It starts the journey from Kamlapur station at 9:10 AM and arrives at Rangpur Station at 7:05 PM.  It takes about 10 hours to run the Rangpur to Dhaka distance (465 km). 

On the return trip, the intercity departs from Rangpur railway Station at 8:10 PM and arrives at the Kamlapur Railway Station at 6:10 AM. 

Here’s the Rangpur Express Train Schedule included below.

Train RouteDeparture TimeArrival TimeOff Day
Dhaka to Rangpur (771)9:10 AM7:05 PMMonday
Rangpur to Dhaka (772)8:10 PM6:10 AMSunday

The Schedule can be changed caused of crossing or unexpected events. 

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Rangpur Express Train Stopages

Station NameDeparture Time
Dhaka kamalapur Station9:10am
Dhaka Airport Station9:42am
Bangabandhu Setu junction11:40am
Chatmahar Station12:55pm
Shantahar Junction03:15pm
Bonar Para04:53pm
Bamon Danga05:48pm
Peer Gacha06:07pm
Kaunia Junction06:45pm

Rangpur to Dhaka train Schedule

Station Name Departure Time
Rangpur Station08:10pm
Kaunia Junction08:50pm
Peer Gacha09:07pm
Bamon Danga09:26pm
Bonar Para Junction10:29pm
Shona tola10:46pm
Shantahar Junction12:10am
Bangabandhu Setu Junction04:01am
Dhaka Biman Bandar(Airport)05:38am
Dhaka Kamalapur06:10am

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Rangpur Express Seat Plan

It’s essential part for passengers to know Rangpur express seat plan before making a plan with this train. The intercity train has 3 seats with modern coaches imported from Indonesia.

  • AC Cabin
  • AC Chair Coach(SNIGDHA Chair)
  • Non-AC Chair Coach(Shovon Chair)

Rangpur Express Train Ticket Prices

Each type of seat has a different price. This is the list below of Rangpur Express train Ticket Prices.

Seat Category Ticket Prices (15% VAT)
Shovon Chair505
Snigdha Chair966
AC Seat1162

Rangpur Express Train off day

It’s a common confusion with “Rangpur express off day”. Because the Intercity Considers two different days as holidays.

The Rangpur Express Train Off day is Sunday/Monday. It Celebrated the holiday on Sunday for Dhaka to Rangpur Train Schedule and Monday for Rangpur to Dhaka train Schedule.

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Rangpur Express Train Code

The Rangpur Express train code is 771/772. The intercity uses 771 for traveling from Dhaka to Rangpur and 772 for returning from Rangpur to Dhaka.

So, you should be alert for this train code before getting in on the train.

Rangpur Express Tracking

There is a simple and easy process for “rangpur express tracking” online. If you are concerned about “where is my train bd?” You can easily get the solution to this topic by following the steps below.

  • Go to Google Playstore/ Apple Play store and download the Train tracker App.
  • Then Install and set up the app.
  • After completing the setup, Open the app and search Rangpur Express.

After a moment, you’ll get the Rangpur Express live location now on your phone.

Rangpur Express Train Tracking bd SMS

Here’s a simple way for “Rangpur Express Train Tracking bd SMS”. By sending an SMS, you can get the Rangpur Express train live location now. Just follow the “Train Tracking SMS format” below.

TR<Space>Train Code and send it to 16318.

Example: TR <Space>771

After a few moments, you will get a return SMS with the Rangpur Express live location now.

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