Parabat Express Train Schedule and Ticket Price

Parabat Express Train Schedule and Ticket Price

Today we are going the describe the Parabat Express train Schedule and ticket price with updated information such as Parabat Express Seat Plan, online booking process, Stoppages, and its off-day.

You should have the important information about this Dhaka to Sylhet train schedule and ticket price before making a journey by Parabat express intercity train.

Parabat Express (পারাবাত এক্সপ্রেস)

Parabat Express is one of the fastest and most luxurious intercity trains in Bangladesh. It runs between Dhaka-Sylhet. Though a number of trains run from Dhaka to Sylhet, the Parabat Express train is the king of them.

With luxurious facilities, it offers the fastest speed. That makes it the most popular intercity train from Dhaka to Sylhet.

Parabat Express Train Schedule and Ticket Price-Updated

The Parabat Express is an intercity train that runs between Dhaka-Sylhet. It offers journey six days a week and Tuesday is the holiday/off day for this intercity train. Right here, we are providing the Pararbat Express train schedule with the train code.

Parabat Express| Dhaka to Sylhet Train Schedule

By holding train number 709, the Parabat Express departs from Dhaka at 06:20 AM and arrives in Sylhet at 01:00 PM. It takes around 6 hours and 40 minutes to complete the Journey between Dhaka-Sylhet.

Parabat Express| Sylhet to Dhaka Train Schedule

On the return trip, the Parabat Express holds train number 710. Then it departs from Sylhet at 03:45 PM and arrives at the Kamlaur Railway Station at 10:40 PM. Let’s have a look at the schedule chart.

Parabat Express train Schedule

Train DestinationDeparture TimeArrival TimeOff Day
Dhaka to Sylhet6:20 AM1:00 PMTuesday
Sylhet to Dhaka3:45 PM10:40 PMTuesday

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Parabat Express Seat Plan

Though Parabat express is a luxurious intercity train service, it considers five different types of seat categories for different classes passengers. Here we listed the Parabat express seat plan below-

  1. AC Seat
  2. First Berth
  3. Snigdha Chair
  4. First Seat
  5. Shovon Chair

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Parabat Express Ticket Prices

As you know, Parabat Express is the fastest intercity train with luxurious facilities. In spite of providing these facilities, it didn’t consider very costly ticket prices.

There are various types of seat plans with different prices. Here are the Dhaka to Sylhet Parabat Express train ticket prices. Choose the comfortable one for you.

Seat CategoryTicket Price (15% VAT)
AC Seat756 TK
First Berth710 TK
Snigdha Chair630 TK
First Seat445 TK
Shovon Chair340 TK

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Parabat Express Stoppages

Train Stoppages means the substations on the train route where the intercity train can make a journey break. In the Dhaka-Sylhet train route, the Parabat Express intercity train considers a total of 10 stoppages.

After making a survey through the Bangladesh Railway Services official portal, our team collected the Parabat Express train substations with others data. Here we provided the data table to make your journey comfortable and easy.

This data table consists of Stoppage name, Up, and down time with train number. You should know the substations before making a trip on the Dhaka-Sylhet train route.

Parabat Express Stoppages

Stations NameUp-Time (709)Down-Time (710)
Biman Bandar06:4722:00

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Parabat Exress Train Code

The Parabat Express train code is 709/710. It travels from Sylhet to Dhaka with train number 709. On the return time from Dhaka to Sylhet, with train number 710.

Parabat Express Off Day

There are many passengers who asked, “What is the Off day of Parabat Express?” Let’s discuss the question.

Tuesday is the Parabat Express off-day. It completes the maintenance work on this day. So it is the official off day for both Dhaka to Sylhet and Sylhet to Dhaka train routes.

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