Korotoa Express Train Schedule & Ticket Prices

Korotoa Express Train Schedule & Ticket Prices (করতোয়া এক্সপ্রেস)

With the updated information of Bangladesh Railway Services, here we will discuss the Korotoa Express Train Schedule and Ticket Prices.

If you are interested to travel by Korotoa Express, Read the content carefully to know details about the Korotoa Express train Schedule, Ticket Prices, Break Stations, Train Numbers, and Seat Classes.

Korotoa Express (করতোয়া এক্সপ্রেস)

The Korotoa Express is a non-stop intercity train in Bangladesh that runs between Shantahar to Burimari Train Route. While traveling, it holds train number 713/714.

This is one of the earliest intercity trains for the North Bengal District which was inaugurated on 17 January 1886. It starts the first journey during the rule of president Hosen Muhammad Ershad. He inaugurated a number of intercity trains in Bangladesh Railway services during his ruling time. The Korotoa Express is one of them.

Korotoa Express Train Schedule

Korotoa Express is a popular intercity train in Bangladesh, that follows a regular and methodical schedule. There is no off day on this train. It offers the journey seven days a week. Below, you can find the accurate schedule of the Korotoa Express intercity train.

The Korotoa Express starts a journey from Shantahar and completes the journey at Burimari station. It Departs from Santahar Railway Station at 09:15 AM and Arrives at the Burimari railway station at 03:35 PM.

On the Return trip, it departs from Burimari station at 04:00 PM and arrives at the Shantahar Station at 10:20 PM. It takes approximately 6 hours and 20 minutes to complete the journey.

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StationOff DayDepartureArrival
Santahar To BurimariNo09:1515:35
Burimari To ShantaharNo16:0022:20

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Korotoa Express Break Stations

There are several Break Stations for the Korotoa Express train. Here you can find out the Korotoa Express Stoppages with Uptime and Downtime schedule.

Korotoa Express Stoppages and Departure time

Station NameUp Time (713)Down Time (714)

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Korotota Express Ticket Prices

There are two different types of Seat classes available on this Korotoa Express. These are Shuvon and Shuvon Chair. Ticket Prices vary for the Ticket Prices.

Here is the Ticket Prices for Korotoa Express

Ticket ClassesPrices (15% VAT)
Shuvon Chair265

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Korotoa Express Offday

There is no off day for this Korotoa Express. It provides a continuous service throughout the week.

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Final Words

Hopefully, you’ve got the details about the Korotoa Express train Schedule and Ticket Prices. We’ve tried to compile accurate information according to the Bangladesh Railway services and the most trusted portals Wikipedia.

May this context has clarified all doubts about Korotoa Express. If there is any query left about this intercity train, feel free to share it with us in the comment section below.

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