JSC Scholarship Result 2020 PDF Published

JSC/JDC Scholarship Result 2023 (JSC স্কলারশীপ রেজাল্ট দেখুন এখানে)

JSC Scholarship Result 2023: JSC means junior school certificate which is held for class 8 in Bangladesh every year. Generally, every year from 1st November to 3rd November the JSC exam is started. After completion of the examination, the education authority of Bangladesh has published the result which for the students of JSC/JDC are waited a long time although it is not a big deal but waiting means one second becomes one day at that time.

And after publishing the JSC/JDC normal result the government normally is published the scholarship result for the brilliant students to award and give the number of money as a gift for continuing their studies and buy some educational accessories in the same month at last date or the 1st date in the next month.

JSC Scholarship ResultJSC Scholarship Result 2020 PDF Published 2023 Publish Date

After completing the JSC examination the education board authority and the all education board of Bangladesh like Dhaka, Dinajpur, Rajshahi, etc. is published the scholarship results differently for under their board.

According to the previous scholarship published to date and normally the education, the board has published the result on 31 December every year. We think, maybe they will also publish this result on that day if there is no problem.

JSC Scholarship Result 2023 – All Education Board

JSC Scholarship Result Dhaka Board 2023

JSC Scholarship Result Rajshahi Board 2023

JSC Scholarship Result of Jessore Board 2023

JSC Stipend Result Chittagong Board 2023

Comilla Board JSC Scholarship Result 2023

JSC Scholarship Result Barishal Board 2023

JSC Scholarship Result Sylhet Board 2023

JSC Scholarship Result Dinajpur Board 2023

JDC Scholarship Result Madrasa Board 2023

How to Check JSC Scholarship Result 2023 (Easy & Best Way)

Actually any result is published their won website like dhakaboard.gov.bd.com, dinajpurboard.gov.bd.com, etc. You can also get the result of our site. whenever the scholarship result will publish, we will also publish our this website. The education board authority publishes the scholarship result for merit students on their website as a pdf file.

You have to enter their web address and find out the pdf file. After downloading or loading on the internet you have to look for your roll and name. You can follow our website and also can visit the website which is mentioned in bellow…

  • www.dhakaeducationboard.gov.bd
  • www.bise-ctg.gov.bd
  • www.comillaboard.gov.bd
  • www.jessoreboard.gov.bd
  • www.rajshahieducationboard.gov.bd
  • www.sylhetboard.gov.bd
  • www.barisalboard.gov.bd
  • www.bmeb.gov.bd
  • www.bteb.gov.bd

Who will get the JSC scholarship 2023?

Only can intelligence students and who make a great result, they can be able to get JSC scholarship.

There are many students in the result we can find out. One type is failed that’s mean minimum he or she got under 33% marks in one subject or more. Another is who just have passed the examination, not good results. Another student we can find out who is just missed the G.P.A 5.00 for 1 or 2 marks or more.

Many of the student’s scholarships can get only these students who have achieved a minimum of 85 % marks to above in every subject. Which students will able to make 85% marks in every subject who will be on the merit list and if he or she or other students of total merit students can be the list which number is required by the education board. It will find out by the serial number.

JSC Scholarship Result 2023 pdf Download

To download the JSC Scholarship result 2023 pdf file to see your result you can apply many ways. You can download by your smartphone or computer, laptop, etc. here are two methods below…

Download by PC: To download by your windows PC click the pdf file link and load the file on your pc. Then Right-click on your mouse button and then find the “save as” option and click there. after it you can rename and click save again.

Download by Smartphone: Downloading by your smartphones like android or ios click the download bouton or try the process which is there.

JSC Scholarship Result 2023

Class 8 Scholarship Result 2023

How many types of JSC & JDC Scholarship?

Total scholarship holder students maybe 39,000(thirty-nine thousand) to 40,000(forty thousand) in 2023 as well as 2018 and previous. It has probable to increase the number of JSC/JDC scholarships. And there are two types of students who can make a scholarship. For making their scholarship they have some condition. If they can complete the condition and study hard and with this, they have to develop of their intelligence. The two types are here…

  1. Talent Pool Scholarship
  2. General Grade Scholarship
Scholarship condition and price (taka)
  1. Talent Pool Scholarship
      1. condition is they have to get 90% to 95% marks average from total marks.
      2. Every subject has to minimum 80% or above marks.
      3. No, fail any subject
      4. minimum G.P.A required 5.00 out of 5.00
      5. Award price is minimum 3000 takas (BDT) per month
      6. time valid for one year
  2. General Grade Scholarship
      1. Here the students have to make 85% to 95% average marks in total.
      2. Every subject has to minimum 80% or above marks also.
      3. not to fail any subject
      4. minimum G.P.A required 5.00 out of 5.00
      5. Award price is minimum 225 takas (BDT) per month
      6. time valid for one year

Talent Pool Scholarship 2023

Many of the people think that if any students get A+ or Golden A+ or Grade Point G.P.A 5.00, who obviously would have got talent pool scholarship or general. But it is not true. When any student can be able to achieve 90-95% marks in total marks he or she can be a great chance to get the scholarship.

Generally every year the government gives awarded 9000 (Nine Thousand Students) in Bangladesh. In 2023 it may be increased by the mystery of Bangladesh. And every student who got talent pool scholarship is given 300/-(BDT) per month and 3600/-(BDT) per year. It is continued for one year, January 2023 to December 2023.

General Grade Scholarship 2023

Which students are able to achieve 85-90% marks in total, he/she maybe got a general scholarship if he/she is in the list of the serial 30,000 (Thirty thousand) students. After getting the scholarship he/she will have to award per month 225/-(BDT) per month in total 2700/-(BDT) in the year.

The real number of the JSC/JDC scholarships

It is so difficult to know that the number of students will get scholarships. because it is controlled by the education government and the education board. They can increase the number as well as they can decrease the number of scholarships. It is decided by the board and authority of the education system and the ranking of the marital students.

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